First, we listen,
then, we print
and finally, we impress.

we are

We are a Portuguese graphic arts company and have over 85 years of experience in the market, which means we know it like no one else.


This length of time is mainly due to the commitment and reliable service we offer: our more than 500 customers are above all partners in our professional development.


We currently export 40% of our production to reference countries, which makes us believe that it is the long-lasting professional relationships that provide the best opportunities for growth.

The value of

We want you to remember us for the best reasons and to that end we dedicate ourselves to our customers’ products as is they were our own.


Mass customisation: this is how we like to refer to our work, as we create products for the world but always according to your most specific individual needs.
We develop detailed projects with quality in every detail, allied to reliable technical support and an efficient delivery service.


Bulhosas is certified with NP EN ISO 9001:2015 since September 2001, guaranteeing the rigour, exigency and quality necessary in the work of our customers.

To infinity
and beyond

Beyond the responsibility of our past and the demands of the present, we believe that it is urgent to study the future of the industry. To this end, we have developed with various partners, innovative security and brand protection solutions, always at the service of the quality of the product.


We also have a design department that follows in loco the clients’ work, from the beginning of the creation until the final printing, which allows us to control the process and test new ideas and solutions.