BULHOSAS [ IRMÃOS ], S.A. was launched 8 decades ago and its head office is in S. João da Madeira, 30 km south of the city of Porto.

The company has two different branches of production – graphic arts and plastic injection serving a wide range of industries such as: the food industry, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, information technology, stationary, footwear, clothing, etc.

The volume of trade of the enterprise involves nearly 400 customers and more than 40% of its business is aimed at the E.U. market.


The company started working in 1935, exclusively dedicated to self-adhesive labels and accessories for the industry. Bulhosas (Irmãos), S.A. was the first Portuguese manufacturer of self adhesive labels in bobbin form.

In the 1970’s it began producing hangers for the clothing industry, supplying the growing demand in the market.

From an industry solely dedicated to graphic arts, it diversified its production, creating the company profile which still exists today.


Our Company intends to develop its activities in the production of graphic arts (manufacturing of stickers, paper and cardboard, posters, calendars, labels and back labels) and in the production of plastic products manufactured by injection (hangers, labels, clips).

Through our products, we seek to sustain and promote the image of our customers.

As a distinguishing factor, we provide them a technical support service and a fast and secure delivery system.

That’s how we want customers recognize us in the future.


We invest in improving the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of our customers, we assume a greater challenge for the sake of his complete satisfaction: to be recognized as an international benchmark.


Our core values ​​are:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Responsibility


Our development options focus on a differentiation strategy, aimed at meeting the market demands, which value technological innovation and excellence in customer service.


We have been certified for over 10 years by the Portuguese Certification Association (APCER), meeting the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001.

Our quality policy has the following aims:
– Improve process efficiency and ensure the future of the company.
– Customer and employee satisfaction.
– Sustainable growth of the company.